saving money and doing exercise at the same time

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saving money and doing exercise at the same time

Post by LoveULife » Wed Dec 27, 2006 5:36 am

Hi All
I was gyming last week and while relaxing after the exeercise, a thought flashed in my mind which i want to share with u all.
For last few months I was not able to save enough money and be regular at my exercise. Even if i do the exercise i used to eat junk food causing loss of money and loss of the efforts made for doing the exercise.
For a long time I wanted to donate some money to an orphange so that I can contribute a little towards the educations of those kids.but at end of month i used to be running out of money.

Here is what i have been doing for last whole week.

I decided that everyday when i exercise for an hour i will put 10 bucks in my piggy bank. So the day i do not ecercise there will be no saving.
At the end of the month or 3 months , i will count how much i have saved which will tell me how many days I kept the promise I made to myself.
(for an imotional support I have kept that piggy bank in front of our God's stechue.)

And when i feel that the amount is sufficient , i will donate it. This will give me more sense of achievement. I will not eat out becoz that will remind me of my piggy bank kept in front of our God. this will not only save my money but also my health.

After donating i will keep saving again and then I can use that money for giving a wonderfull gift to my loved ones or buying some sports wear for myself..... :) but never on junk food.

I would like to have more ideas from u all gyus.
Start from where u are, with whatever you have
make something of it ,and never get SATISFIED


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