HI, I'm back :)

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HI, I'm back :)

Post by gingerpie » Wed Apr 26, 2017 3:19 pm

So, somewhat ashamedly, I have to admit that I haven't been doing well on my plan. More or less a year ago, I dutifully went traipsing off to the doctor for a check-up which included blood-work. Blood-work came back for the second time a bit elevated into the "pre-diabetic" range. Her come the embarrassing part. . . I was so annoyed that my years of "small positive changes" (which really had added up to a huge amount of improvement ) wasn't enough and I had to do even more. Honestly, I just plain felt like it wasn't fair. This despite the fact that I'm usually quite level headed and understand just how "unfair" life can be. So, my response? A year's worth of very childish thinking in the way of, "well, nothing I do makes any difference so I wont do anything!!"

What could have been the consequence of that decision you ask? I'm sure you'll be shocked to hear that I've gained back a fair whack of what I had lost and I just sort of generally feel gross.

I've decided to pull up my big girl pants and get back at it. . . the good news is that I'm not starting from the beginning. I've held onto a lot of my good habits although I"m eating way too many snacks and I reverted almost immediately back to eating in the evenings. So, my goal right now? Get back to vanilla no-s and get back to a my glass ceiling of no more than 1 glass of wine.

Wish me luck!! It's good to be back.

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Post by Bluebell » Wed Apr 26, 2017 8:24 pm

Welcome back gingerpie and good luck with getting back on track with NoS, great to hear that you still have some good habits in place. :)
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Post by Merry » Thu Apr 27, 2017 5:10 am

Welcome back! I so get that way of thinking (nothing works so why bother). It turns and bites me every time I've listened to it! Good for you for being ready to take the reins again. I hope your return to No-S goes well. I hope you post on the "why did you leave/why are you back" thread!
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Post by lpearlmom » Thu Apr 27, 2017 5:50 am

Wb ginger pie! Many of us (me) have been there. Sometimes we just have to learn the hard way!
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Post by Larkspur » Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:58 pm

Hi gingerpie! Would it help to consider-- your blood sugar might have been worse if you had not made those changes?

We tend to forget in this day and age that the march of time has a pretty big role in things like this. And there is good evidence that less frequent meals is better for blood sugar and insulin regulation, so NoS all the way!

I found an interesting article that I'll post under my "Very NoS" thread talking about meal timing and blood sugar.

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Post by gingerpie » Thu Apr 27, 2017 8:20 pm

Thanks for the welcome everybody. It does feel good to be back.

Larkspur, yes it probably is good that I had started addressing the possibility of diabetes long ago (I have a family history of it so it wasn't really that big of a shock.) I'm also very happy to feel like I know where to start. - no sweets, no second and no snacks -

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Post by oolala53 » Mon May 01, 2017 1:43 pm

Glad to see you. If it's any consolation, my cholesterol has gone UP 50 points since I lost and maintained a 20% weight loss, eat little junk food, etc. (But so has my good cholesterol, but still.) I was lucky enough that I actually like my lifestyle enough that I didn't want to go back, but I wasn't looking forward to getting even more strict. I'm also lucky that my doctor said to keep doing what I'm doing.

It's really its own reward to eat moderate meals. You also won't be sorry eventually if you have to limit yourself even a little more than that for different health outcomes. You'll still get lots of great food to eat and probably feel peppier and lighter.

Stick with us!
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Post by ironchef » Tue May 02, 2017 5:31 am

hi gingerpie, sorry to hear that you've been discouraged, but good on you for picking yourself up and dusting yourself off. And also nice to "see" you here on the message boards.

As someone who has been through several long patches of "shaky" compliance, I can attest that it will not take long at all for you to get rid of that "generally gross" feeling once you're back to vanilla No S. The weight itself may take a little longer, but hey, time is going to pass anyway, right?

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