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There are online language learning tests aplenty. But my God are they dull. So I created this site, blankful, to let roll your own fill-in-the-blank tests with texts and terms that you choose. Just copy and paste some text, then decide on the words you want to replace with blanks. You read interesting text, text that you yourself and not some editor has decided is interesting, and get tested at the same time. I'd originally designed it to practice German articles, but I imagine it could be used for any language, or even non-language subjects. Studying biology? Paste in a wikkipedia or journal article as the text and blank out terms like DNA and RNA -- if nothing else it will force you to read it VERY carefully.

You can also blank out individual words in the input text by surrounding them with _underscores_ (see example).

Everything is saved in the url, so you can link to tests you'd like to repeat or share (just be sure to keep the text relatively short or the url will break).

The html title of the graded test contains just the name, the date it was completed and the score, so you can easily keep track of your progress in a dedicated bookmark folder. Since the urls can get rather enormous, click the "Make TinyUrl" link at the top of the page to shrink them down to a more convenient sizing for sharing and sending.

Here are some screenshots (click to go to depicted state):

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Step 3: Grade Test

By Reinhard Engels

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