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MerryKat Testimonial

Posted: Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:29 pm
by MerryKat
Wow, I just realise I finally fit into the category to be able to post a testimonial.

I have stuck to No S for more than 10 months and lost more than 10 pounds – and still going strong!

Just for the record I am female, and currently 37. I have hypothryodism and insulin resistance - two great excuses over the years! Most of my weight is baby weight (excuse is wearing thin as he is now 5!) from my second pregnancy - however I did manage to find a few extras along the way.

I joined No S in Sept 2005 full of enthusiasm and determination. However, while my brain knew this was the right thing I managed to NOT follow it consistently till the beginning of 2009 and managed to gain nearly 5kg (11lb). By the end of 2008 I was at my highest weight of all time while not being pregnant! And I was horrified!

On a brighter note, This was a learning curve for me, I learnt what my triggers were, what kind of food left me hungry and taught me how to manage my meals more effectively.

2009 I stuck with No S. If I fell off, I got right back up and carried on. Some days and weeks I really felt I was fighting a losing battle. I had many slip ups and lots of red days, but they did not become red months and eventually not even red weeks. I was learning what I knew that one slip up is not the end of the world, just get back up and continue. I continued and by the end of the year I had lost 4kg (8.8lb).

2010 - January I maintained (habit carried me through) and February I lost 1.1kg (2.4lb). And the best part is it is no longer a battle. No S is just something I do - I am easily able to say no thanks, save me some for the weekend when offered sweets or treats during the week. I still slip up occasionally but it is no longer the end of the world and I have permission to forgive myself, pick myself up and carry on.

Just focusing on following No S has lost me 5.1kg (11.2lb) in 14 months - this is the same weight I managed to gain in just over 4 years while not following anything except bad habits.

As always Thank You Reinhard – This is the best plan in the world and I will forever be in your debt for teaching me to live and enjoy food again.

PS. I am now trying to apply the same attitude of just do it (even if it is only 5 min) to exercise (a word with all its own demons and devils from my history). I know if I just do it, I will develop a habit which is just part of life and just something I do naturally. And my health will benefit even more than it has already on No S.

Posted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 10:40 am
by mrsj
Congratulations, Merrykat! Now that No S is really habit, I'm sure that you'll keep shrinking.

OFF OFF topic: Now that you're not eating a lot of junk, do you notice any difference with your hair?

Keep up the good work and Happy Shrinking. (hannejensen)

Posted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:38 am
by MerryKat
Thank you so much MrsJ.

Hey nice to see you here - isn't it a small world. I woudl have to say that I have far less bad hair days and my hair is less greasy due to the lack of bad fats and excess sugars in my diet.

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 3:19 am
by reinhard

I'm so happy to see your testimonial here! And deeply impressed at your successful determination to give no-s another go after that initial false start. There's a world of difference there is between intellectually understanding something and really getting it. And I think there are far too many people who throw up their hands in despair at the first sign of trouble -- as if falling off your bike weren't an inevitable part of the process of learning how to ride.