defeating derailing thoughts, esp. during COVID-19/ any stressor

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defeating derailing thoughts, esp. during COVID-19/ any stressor

Post by oolala53 » Sun Mar 22, 2020 1:23 am

I hope it's okay I post a link to a woman whose specialty is supporting binge eaters who want to quit. She exposes the common thinking our brains will come up with to take advantage of opportunistic eating. I think just about all of it applies to the kind of thinking that brains use to derail us from just sticking to meals in general, even if you wouldn't go on to binge. She was a purger, too, and not overweight, so if you go on to look at some of her other stuff, it will be contradictory to trying to lose weight. Take what helps. In some ways, it mirrors a lot of what Judith Beck teaches about the thinking changes successful losers use. Got one of her daughter's posts below.

And here's one from the Beck diet program site. There is just about no eating program that is effortless, taking no thinking changes at all. ... %20Matters
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