Who is losing weight doing No S?

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Who is losing weight doing No S?

Post by Mustloseweight » Fri Mar 19, 2021 10:47 am

Hi all,

Hope this finds you safe and well.

I was wondering who loses weight doing No S?

I am going through the whole “should I leave WW debate” 🙄

Thanks everyone

Anne x
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Re: Who is losing weight doing No S?

Post by Soprano » Sat Mar 20, 2021 8:58 am

I have lost over a stone following No's and a little IF. Don't think of it as a diet though. It's a journey to better eating habits that help you lose and maintain :)

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Re: Who is losing weight doing No S?

Post by oolala53 » Wed Mar 24, 2021 5:18 pm

Most people have moved to the individual check-in threads. I started No s over eleven years ago. It took me a few years- being impatient had never led to maintenance- and I got into my normal BMI range by losing 40 lbs., though achieving orderly eating was much more important to me. As I got older, I experimented with the structure because of changing concerns. I've lost a little more.

The odds are very much against getting media thin no matter what you do unless you have been naturally slim in your early years. For everyone who does it, there are likely literally a couple of thousand who don't. But that is a terrible reason not to learn to manage the onslaught of real food and food-like substances we are exposed to every day. I am convinced that sticking to a few plates of good quality food most days of the year is most people''s best bet for pleasure and vitality. (If you have a compromising health condition, it merits more limitations.) But it takes more than a few weeks and really more than a few months to rewire the brain and get established and be something someone does day after day, year after year. Only cultures with either severe shortages or cultural habits of pleasurable limitation stay slim. We have to find our own pleasurable limitation. If you must, exhaust all the other possibilities so that you either don't need this or you see that it's the most sustainable choice you have.
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