Monday morning disappointment

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Monday morning disappointment

Post by stride88 » Mon May 07, 2012 1:44 pm

For the past two weeks I have been following the Everyday Systems lifestyle. I've been on the No S Diet, I'm Shovelgloving and am now an Urban Ranger :). I've been able to resist the urge to step on a scale….until this morning. Turns out that I haven't lost any weight. I just can't understand this and naturally I am quite disappointed. I've been very strict on the diet and haven't had any trouble sticking to it. No cheating so far. I know that the No S Diet, on it's own, results in relatively slow but steady weight loss. But I thought that along with the Shovelglove workout and the walking (40 minutes, very brisk, most days) it would result in some measurable weight loss.

Any words of wisdom out there?

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Lily x
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Post by Lily x » Mon May 07, 2012 2:02 pm

Hi stride88

First of all, congratulations on what is actually a significant achievement - you've stuck to not one, not two, but three Everyday Systems! That's pretty impressive you know!

Now, these might not be wise words as such, probably more observations. But a few things struck me after reading your post.

You're taking a one off scale reading as evidence that you haven't lost weight? The day after an S day too, when you probably had a bit more to eat? Don't - don't rely on one off scale readings. Scales lie. I think the general consensus around here is to either weigh every day (so that you can make a note of normal scale fluctuations) or weigh very infrequently, maybe once a month. Two weeks is not a long enough period to be able to draw any conclusions as to whether what you're doing is working or not - particularly if you're only going to go by one scale reading.

You don't say how much you have to lose, but in any case, No S isn't a fast method of weight loss. It's a 'slow and steady wins the race' type of method. It's far more about getting a healthy habit that you can use for ever to maintain the losses you get. It's going to take a while. Hang in there, breathe, relax - and enjoy the journey. It will be worth it!

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Post by reinhard » Mon May 07, 2012 2:26 pm

Monday is the absolute worst time to weigh yourself. I've been weighing myself daily for the last few months as part of an experiment I'm doing and I've discovered I'm pretty consistently 3-5 pounds heavier on Monday than on Friday.

Wait a couple days and weigh again and my bet is you'll magically have lost a couple of pounds.

Though 2 weeks is not a lot of time. The rough rule of thumb I like to give is to expect half a pound a week. That's going to be hard to pick up in an offhand measurement after not a lot of time. But it does add up. This is a months and years and decades diet, not a days and weeks diet.

Hang in there. Everyday systems are slow going, but they'll get you there -- and in relative comfort. The only cost is patience.


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Post by wosnes » Mon May 07, 2012 2:34 pm

I agree with what Lily x said. As she noted, you didn't mention how much weight you have to lose. The less you have to lose -- say 20 lbs or less -- the slower it goes. However, if you stick with the habits you won't lose and gain the same 20 lbs for the next 20 years.

I'm a fan of infrequent weighing, every month or two at the most. In addition to scales being unreliable, the fit of your clothes is a more reliable indicator of weight loss.
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Post by stride88 » Mon May 07, 2012 2:42 pm

Thanks for the quick responses!

I know I have to be more patient...and yeah, I guess I shouldn't weigh myself on a Monday.

BTW - I am a male, 6 feet tall and weigh 205-210. I'd like to lose about 25 lbs.

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