Holes, by Louis Sachar

Take a sledgehammer and wrap an old sweater around it. This is your "shovelglove." Every week day morning, set a timer for 14 minutes. Use the shovelglove to perform shoveling, butter churning, and wood chopping motions until the timer goes off. Stop. Rest on weekends and holidays. Baffled? Intrigued? Charmed? Discuss here.
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Sara R
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Holes, by Louis Sachar

Post by Sara R » Fri Jan 08, 2010 5:26 am

Reinhard, have you ever read the children's novel Holes, by Louis Sachar? It's about a boy who is sent to a juvenile detention center, "Camp Green Lake" in Texas, which is a dry lake bed. The boys are to dig 5-foot-deep, 5-foot-diameter hole daily. It made me think of Shovelglove. :)

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Post by reinhard » Fri Jan 08, 2010 2:22 pm

Hi Sara,

I haven't read it -- but it rings a bell. My wife is a middle school teacher, and I think I've seen it lying around at some point. I'll see if I can track it down at home or at the library.


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Post by boogbite » Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:24 am

a fantastic book and a great correlation. ;)

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