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Help! i can't govern my regimen?

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2014 6:03 am
by sponnyson
basicaly 2 years a go i rapt 80 bang further was pround of my being still whereas i astray the consequence i opinion i could activate eating what i wanted whicj was a unwise meditation lol i remeber 2 years posterior i had soooooo plenty being influence that i craved absoulty nix
nevertheless therefore i started eating vicious chows akin biscuits besides bracing ect moreover no im burdensome to adhere to a hardy lifestyle for illustration i recognize sum the reality about how to fail power furthermore i recognize what to devouring ( skinless fowl chest among vegetables also bass plus lentils plus fuit) plus i recognize what further how many exersize to do the solely snag is i can't adhere to the policy essentially for alone week i consume quite plus exersize only whereas the weekend befalls i deem same i befall an eating monste lol further benefit back what i extinct for the week also fell counterpart crap i dont distinguish what to do total i covet is to at minimal distinguish furthermore discipline myseld to cohere to a proposal for at minimal a month. elate provide me some implication.

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