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I just really like HabitCal

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 4:13 am
by seen_above_mist
I just wanted to say that I like HabitCal. I have on my phone to do a record of sucessful habits, but for some reason I just like HabitCal better? Weird isn't it!?

I'm now using it to try and build up another basic habit other than NoS.

I work part time in the afternoons, but am hoping for a renewal of another part time contract where I work in my own time at home. I find it hard to organise myself effectively though and it ends up getting stressful as my days tasks are all over the place. So each day (except weekends) at 9am I am doing half an hour of reading relating to the hopefully-renewed part-time work. I'm using HabitCal to track it, and the idea is that if I make it a habit to get into that work mindset at 9am for half an hour each day, it will be much easier to just extend that to 2 or 3 hours, as the habit of getting started will already be there. Like NoS, the "read for 30 min on the topic" habit is easy and low stress, so there's not much psychological resistence to doing it.