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Ruth's Daily Check-in

Posted: Wed May 18, 2005 5:16 pm
by ruthosborn
Stats: Height: 5-8; Weight: 175; Goal: 157 lbs, work out five times/wk
Weigh in once a month: Next WI scheduled for June 11

History: Started No S on May 9 and had a strict week of three meals, no S's, with a few bouts of manageable hunger pangs. First weekend was eagerly anticipated. Enjoyed bean burrito, movie popcorn, chocolate bar, among other sweets, but didn't go over the falls (so to speak). Second week is going well. I've stuck to three meals a day and am learning to prepare for them as I can't eat on the fly and expect it to carry me through to the next meal. Was hungry last night after relying on soy burger/veggies to hold me till dinner

Daily Log:

Wed., May 18: Feeling strong. Non-scale victory Monday night, ate out with friends, who ordered dessert and I did not hesitate to decline, empowered by fact that I can have it on an S day. Today: Weight class at gym.
B: banana, scrambled eggs, wheat toast
L: shrimp, lettuce, almonds, feta salad; apple; wheat tortilla
D: Chicken, baked potato, salad with bleu cheese, broccoli, milk

Thur., May 19: Powering on, went from work to a class with a brief meal in between, ate on the fly, Spin class, 6 a.m.
B: Egg McMuffin, coffee
L: Spinach salad with pecans, cranberries and bleu cheese, pita pocket
D: Four pieces sushi, pita pocket, cut up fruit, lg vanilla latte (bad!!!)

Fri., May 20: Closing in on S Day! But virtually no anxiety about what to eat and I love being able to forgo diet food (ie. low carb bagels, tortillas, fake suger stuff, etc.) in exchange for something I really like for meals. Spin class, 6 a.m.
B: Scrambled eggs in a pita pocket, blueberries
L: 4 pieces of sushi, sm. fiber muffin, veggies with feta cheese
D: Peanut butter sandwich, fruit, wine chips

May 21-22: S days, no binging but did enjoy chocolate cream pie, french dip sandwich, coleslaw, two churros and more

May 23: Day off at Glen Ivy mud baths, no breakfast, no exercise
L: turkey sandwich, 2 beers, fruit
D: Crunchy roll (Sushi House), chardonnay

May 24: No spin class, back to work
B: cereal, banana,
L: salad, shrimp, fiber cake
D: Chicken, broccoli, salad, baked potato, dried apricots, cranberries, almonds

May 25: weight class, 1/2 walk at lunch; weighed myself after 2-1/2 weeks and lost 2-1/2 pounds
B: oatmeal with almonds, dried cranberries
L: veggies, feta; pita bread, soy burger, banana, fiber cake
D: chicken dinner

May 26: Right On, no snacks, healthy meals

Posted: Wed May 18, 2005 5:45 pm
by ida
Hi Ruth. Just wanted to say congrats on avoiding dessert, thats a huge problem for me, even when there aren't others eating it! And gosh you eat so healthily, you really have a proper balanced diet. :oops:

As an aside, I think this plans great because it gives you the flexibility to eat out if you want, without worrying about whether you can have this dish or whatever!

Take care, and good luck (not that you need it, clearly!)
Love Ida xx :D