Shades Of Hope Texas Food Addiction Rehab Centre

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Shades Of Hope Texas Food Addiction Rehab Centre

Post by Mustloseweight » Tue Jul 04, 2017 2:36 pm

Shades of Hope is a series I am part through watching on Netflix. I wondered if anyone else had seen it and had any thoughts on how they treat food addicts. Their meal plan is very similar to our No S and their programme is three meals a day and one snack, I think sugar is cut from what I see on the tv. They do gentle exercise each day but the lady that runs it said in Episode 3 that the aim of her Centre is to teach their clients moderation in all aspects of their lives. This is why I felt Shades of Hope is akin to No S in that they preach moderation in everything you do from eating to exercising. Has anyone got or read the book? Just wondering.
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Post by onemama » Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:44 pm

I remember trying to follow the diet set out by Kay Sheppard in "Food Addiction: The Body Knows". It consisted of three meals a day with one before bed snack (if I recall correctly). The weighing and measuring put me off after a while, and she wanted us to abstain from a long list of foods. It was hard.

Years later, I tried to follow "Your Last Diet" from the "Potatoes, not Prozac" series by Kathleen Desmaisons. She has you go off a number of foods gradually. Sugar does become taboo after a while, as do alcohol, wheat products and caffeine. I missed my coffee and my tea! She also has you eat a potato with skin on it before bed.

It was hard convincing my family that sweets should be taboo for me. I like baking a cake for a birthday and cookies for Christmas. I just can't imagine not doing those things ever again! I'm hoping that sticking with NoS will help me get rid of the obsession and have a healthy approach to food. It's never forbidden, just restricted to the right time. I can eat again a the next meal. I can always have that sweet on Saturday or Sunday, if I want it then.
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I've never heard of Shades of Hope. Off to google!

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Post by oolala53 » Wed Jul 05, 2017 2:59 am

I can't get behind eating just before bed (even though the French and Spaniards eat pretty late because the advantage of a longer overnight fast for reasons other than weight loss is so great, especially for anyone who anticipates having insulin resistance or blood sugar problems. Eating less often, eating much much less refined carb (and sugar is a carb), and eating less overall are likely all important components for anyone with health issues in general. Those are very easy to incorporate into the No S plan. People in that boat are justified in being stricter than your garden variety No Ser sooner, IMHO. People with only a vanity motivation don't have as much intensity usually to deal with long term tougher restrictions, but people who take their health risks seriously do it all the time. Unless they are just willing to gamble and those people are out there, too. Not being able to wear a size small skirt never lost anyone her eyesight, a limb, or brought on a stroke. It's possible some or possibly most of the people in a program like that may be up against such risks.

Do you have such reasons to merit targeting a tougher stance up front? Have you had several successful green weeks of Vanilla and are wondering if you should do more? If not, what's in the way? Why not just commit to that to start and work on your compliance skills, including preventing wild S days, if that is your fear? It won't matter what the program recommended by Shades of Hope is if you end up not actually implementing it.

Your reasons for wanting to make changes to your eating will make the difference. How fed up are you with overeating and feeling trapped by food?
What will be important enough for you to muster the strength to follow through? THAT prize will make a LOT possible.
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