Ditchdigger exercise description

Take a sledgehammer and wrap an old sweater around it. This is your "shovelglove." Every week day morning, set a timer for 14 minutes. Use the shovelglove to perform shoveling, butter churning, and wood chopping motions until the timer goes off. Stop. Rest on weekends and holidays. Baffled? Intrigued? Charmed? Discuss here.
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Ditchdigger exercise description

Post by creaky » Thu Feb 23, 2006 2:17 am


A bit different than the shoveling.


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Post by gratefuldeb67 » Thu Feb 23, 2006 3:25 am

Sorry Creaky! LOL..
Those might get results but SG is still way more fun!!
SG is the only weightlifting exercise which doesn't feel contrived...
Somehow, all those others which pretend they are doing something else, just always seem totally disconnected to the real world movements...
I'm not saying that they won't help your body though, and I'm not against people doing them if they find them enjoyable :)

8) Deb

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Ditch digging

Post by Big Phil » Thu Feb 23, 2006 4:25 am

Love it Creaky! I might do with the lift off the floor to one shoulder, then lift off the floor to other, rather than the rotating at the top of the movement that I think they are suggesting. That should be very much like manual labour, lifting a sack of wheat or somehing. Very similar to power-cleans with a dumbell or barbell but much more variable and challenging.

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