Everyday Systems: Podcast : Episode 48

The No S Diet Audiobook, Chapter 1 (Rough!)

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Hi this is Reinhard from Everyday Systems

As you may remember from my audiodidact podcast episodes way back when, I am a big fan of audiobooks

and for a while now, I've been hoping to record the No S Diet book as an audiobook

Audible.com actually has a service that, from what I understand, makes it relatively straight forward for people to record and upload audiobooks for sale there.

But I've been worried that my usual low production values for podcasting (essentially speaking directly into my iphone and doing zero editing) just won't cut it for an audiobook

And upgrading my setup is just not an option

I've gotta do this on a shoestring both in terms of time and money, or not at all.

But, people have repeatedly expressed interest, and in the facebook group recently I promised I'd record a sample chapter and let you guys decide how far off this is from audiobook quality.

So, today's podcast, rather longer than usual, is chapter 1 of the No S Diet.

Please let me know what you think of it. And don't hold back. If it's close, but could just use a few edits, that would be great. But if I'm realistically going to have to invest in hundreds of dollars or more on equipment or studio time, that would be good to know up front, too.

Tell me on the bulletin board, on facebook, or email me directly at reinhard.engels@gmail.com

Many thanks in advance!

By Reinhard Engels

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