Playing around

Post here if you want to just mess around and see how this board works.
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Playing around

Post by bunsofaluminum » Sun May 15, 2016 7:29 pm

New here, but I've seen this format before so it should be pretty easy to navigate.

font size huge...yuuuuuge as Bernie would say

and red, see what I did there? Maybe I should have done it blue. doesn't look like there is a way to hyperlink the text. hmmmm.

Code: Select all

 wonder what code means
well, that's what it does. I doubt that's what it MEANS.

  • no snacks no sweets no seconds
this is suppsed to be a list
  • no snacks no sweets no seconds
tiny is fun[/b]

wait a minute

tiny is fun tiny AND bold...good combo

this is white<<<highlight here

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