Habitcals questions

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Habitcals questions

Post by losingforgood » Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:01 pm

Ok, I've noticed 2 things since I've been here, about the habit cals. One is, when a new month rolls around, I can't go in and highlight the last day of the previous month if I didn't do it on THAT day. It's now gone. I can't go and look at previous months to see my progress. I understand that it's probably so that I can't go back and change anything from red to green once I've marked it. But sometimes I honestly don't get to marking a day's progress until the next day. Especially the diet calendar. That's important to me, because I often go to bed before midnight, but sometimes I wake up during the night, and I don't want my day already marked in green unless I've successfully battled the midnight munchies! I've been doing pretty well with that so far, but it's still a conscious desicion to beat it. Can there be a way to go back to previous months for that reason, and to compare my progress?

Second, I still have trouble figuring out how to view other members' habit cals. When I follow instructions on the website, it brings me to a page with just a hodge podge of boxes with different titles for different habit cals...which is great for seeing all of the different calendars we can create to help us develope different habits. But, I thought viewing others' habitcals, was also for the purpose of seeing how other people are progressing. If it is, then how do I view others' habit cals so that I see them the exact same way that I see mine?
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Post by NoSnacker » Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:45 am

i can help with the first...on the top left had side it say load, next to that is has a number..if you change that say to 2, and select load it will bring up last months, and so forth...but once saved it does not bring the previous months back up unless you load again.
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