Does this sound about right?

Which movements do you do? How many reps? In what order? When? Do you mix in other non-shovelglove moves? Post here or browse to get ideas.
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Does this sound about right?

Post by Finnigan » Tue Jul 08, 2008 9:25 pm

So I've been doing shovelglove a couple of weeks and I've slowly been tinkering with my routine. I was just wondering if someone can tell me if this sounds like a decent routine for a novice. I just increased some reps today.

Okay, this is my routine:

Shovel 14 each side (28 total)
Churn Butter 14 each side (28 total)
Drive Post 14 each side (28 total)
Flip Lever 7 each side (14 total)
Tuck Bails 14 each side (28 total)
Lift Sack 14 each side (28 total)
Ab Killer 7 each side (14 total)

I seem to get through this routine about 2.5 times in the 14 minutes. Does that sound about right?

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Post by reinhard » Wed Jul 09, 2008 2:27 pm

Sounds great!

Don't feel you have to rush through a certain number of reps. The goal is to keep doing this for years and decades.

I still usually do a couple or so days a week when I just do 7 reps of each movement.


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Post by Finnigan » Wed Jul 09, 2008 2:48 pm

I understand. I just think if I increase reps in the sets it pushes the muscles a little harder to get stronger. It seems that slowly the fatigue point gets pushed pack, so I try to push forward a little at a time to meet it.

For example, I was doing 7 reps of shoveling and pretty much in each repitition I wasn't feeling any burn anymore, so I uped it to 14 and by the end of the set the burn was back.

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