Back in the saddle

Which movements do you do? How many reps? In what order? When? Do you mix in other non-shovelglove moves? Post here or browse to get ideas.
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Back in the saddle

Post by Finnigan » Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:15 pm

Well, my Wife and I started up SG again. Since my 10lb hammer broke I borrowed a 12lb from work. I'll probably stick with it.

Our routine was

14 drive post each side
14 shovel coal each side
14 flip lever each side
14 churn butter each side (really swap hands)
14 lift the sack each side
14 samurai w/ repost (reposit?)

I believe we used to get through this twice. Right now we are working back up to that.

Today is the second day back and I am SORE! The thing I like about it though is that I know every muscle that feels sore got a work out with this routine. This includes my stomach, back, arms, shoulders and legs.

Pick the right moves and SG really can be a full body workout.

You know, it might be interresting to go through the moves and figure out what muscle groups get a good workout for each. I think the shoveling move works out just about everything. I know the samurai REALLY works out my stomach and trunk.

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