Fourteenth year

(New!) Read (or post) about people who have stuck with No-S for 10 or more months, lost 10 or more pounds, or 10 or more percent for their starting weight. Periodic updates strongly encouraged -- you can think of it as "Yearly Check In."

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Fourteenth year

Post by DaveMc » Wed Aug 02, 2023 12:55 pm

Wow, time flies ... 14 years on NoS, as of July 2023.

I checked in last year, here's the link ( ... 13&t=12621), and each update has links to previous ones, back to my very first annual NoS check-in ...

Apparently all the NoS "action" has shifted to Facebook, but I won't be joining Facebook until it completes its global takeover and The Facial Emperor decrees that all subjects must join, or face cruel penalties ... So that'll be some time around 2026, I'm guessing. :)

The big news this year is that I finally went for an "annual" physical, delayed for a couple of years for some reason I can't quite recall (wait, I remember, it was that global pandemic thing), and found that my weight had crept up quite alarmingly since I'd last been there. And some blood work numbers were discouraging, so I decided it was time to spring into action.

None of this was because I wasn't following NoS ... I had just become rather complacent about serving sizes within the three-meals-a-day framework. I'm now paying more attention to keeping my three meals more moderate, and making a point to get more exercise. And I bought a smart scale and started using it regularly, because nothing motivates me more than trying to make a line change directions or cross a target number.

And the good news is that I'm well on my way! I've shaved off some pounds since July, and that line is indeed trending downward. Using NoS as a framework makes me confident that I can keep this up (I've got 14 years' worth of reasons to think so), and eating a bit less at each meal isn't terribly difficult to add on top of that. Once I get back to where I used to be, I can go back to maintenance and just cruise along.

Best wishes to the NoS community out there! To any newcomers: come on in, the sanity is fine! That first year can be a doozy, but once you get past that, there's a real peace in having your eating pattern firmly established.

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Re: Fourteenth year

Post by ladybird30 » Sun Aug 06, 2023 2:56 am

Great to hear from you again Dave. It is so encouraging to know that the good habits can last for so long, even if they need a bit of tweaking now and then.
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Re: Fourteenth year

Post by Amy3010 » Sun Aug 06, 2023 5:33 am

Well done, Dave - it's always so nice to hear how you're doing! :mrgreen:

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Re: Fourteenth year

Post by WINhappy » Tue Aug 08, 2023 11:05 pm

Hi Dave! I recognize your name from some of your old posts, and I also read your testimonials for inspiration before you posted this message. Thank you for the update, and great job shaving off a few pounds already. Knowing it can be done is very encouraging, especially when communicated by people who've stuck with it for long periods of time. Best regards, WINhappy
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Re: Fourteenth year

Post by reinhard » Mon Aug 21, 2023 10:33 pm

So glad to see you here again, DaveMC! And that No S is still working for you.

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