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Post by Blithe Morning » Thu Jul 04, 2024 7:33 pm

I've not given a lot of thought one way or the other to Ozempic (TM) and the other semaglutide drugs until I heard an interview with Johann Hari on Ten Percent Happier podcast about Johann's latest book Magic Pill. He makes some compelling claim as to the causes of obesity which boil down to our food system is more about profit than nutrition. He himself uses Ozempic and discusses the calculus about who, when and if.

I don't take Ozempic, though I have a family member considering it (Type II Diabetic), so I don't know anything about Ozempic and how it integrates with No S. Does it make No S irrelevant? Is No S a good support structure for those on Ozempic?

I am having one of those big birthdays that end in 0 (60) this month and I recently recommitted to vanilla No S since I feel better when I follow it than when I don't. I notice I enjoy food more and I find I'm more motivated to eat better when I'm No-Sing than when I'm not. (Those snacks, though) My weight will be what my weight will be with reasonable eating and exercise. And I realize I'm fortunate to be able to be in that position since people who have a lot of weight to lose just to be able to enjoy life or diabetics have a lot more dials to twist when it comes to health.

What is your experience with Ozempic?

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