The missing link: exercise

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The missing link: exercise

Post by freegirl » Sun Mar 22, 2015 11:54 pm

I am very inspired by this blog: ... /#more-444

Quoted from the article:

'I would like to share what may be my only “inspirational†discovery during my weight-management saga. Prior to 2002, the year I began losing weight, I suffered frequent insomnia, probably 150 to 200 nights per year. My weight loss began when I added brisk walking (45 minutes) to my day and regular weight-lifting to my week. With that exercise, my insomnia also retreated. Walking was to become jogging and other intense aerobic exercise. I came to recognize that exercise was a gift I gave to my body.
One night my insomnia returned with a vengeance. I spent the whole night tossing, turning, sweating and tip-toeing at the edge of sleep. When the alarm went off, rather than remain in bed, “Gawd, I need to rest,†I spoke a different script to myself. “Okay, body, just because I’ve deprived you a good night’s rest, I will not further punish you by denying you your exercise.†I dragged my weary carcass to the YMCA, punched my program into the treadmill and started to go. Within ten minutes, the woozy fog that engulfs sleep-deprived people had lifted. I felt normal. I completed my regular (vigorous) exercise. That day at work, I felt normal and I accomplished as much as I would on any other well-slept day. I also didn’t eat any more than I normally would. That night, I slept like a brick. It was glorious.'

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Post by Over43 » Mon Mar 23, 2015 1:30 am

Thank you.
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