Try asking this question this before making a meal

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Try asking this question this before making a meal

Post by April » Tue May 12, 2020 11:23 am

Food for thought. I have found asking this question before making or planning a meal has been helpful recently in keeping me full and happy:

What would be a great tasting meal that could also be a little more healthy?

Pizza? Great!! Add a salad on the side and add extra veggies for toppings.

BBQ on the grill? Johnsonville Brats! I love them topped with sauteed bell peppers and onions. Side dishes? Veggies and dip, veggie loaded pasta salad. AND also Watermelon, mmmm.

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Re: Try asking this question this before making a meal

Post by oolala53 » Thu May 14, 2020 6:31 pm

Some people aren't going to be able to use this at times, or possibly early on because they have come to No S traumatized by "healthy." This question would be great for such users after they/heavy have gone through their "Don't tell me what to eat!" phase, and possibly aren't getting the loss they would like. If they still recoil at the idea of healthy, they might ask, "How can I add more [X] food to this plate without filling the whole thing with dense food?" Or find another adjective that seems attractive to them.

I actually went back to including foods like pizza and other fast food to my meals when I started No S; I had eaten those things mostly as binge foods and ate "healthier" fare at meals. Those meals were influenced strongly by a book called Volumetrics, which was based on the research that showed that most people tend to eat about the same weight of food every day. The researcher found that if people started replacing some portion of the heavier foods- I think she called them dense, which is the word I use- with foods that have more volume per calorie, which tend to be vegetables and then fruits, they lost weight while feeling pretty satisfied. By the time I got to No S, I had been using the principles for a few years, though still snacking AND compulsively eating sweets just about every day. Yeah, that's not in keeping with the principle of the book, but I was hooked on those high-dopamine foods! No S and aging has helped wean me off them. It meant I had to get used to eating less weight in food most days, which turned out not to be less of a problem than you would think. I felt so much better confining my compulsive eating to S days that I just kept going. Now most people would think I'm being extreme in the limit of my plate choices, but it's just been an evolution, one that a lot of people might not ever need or want.

I probably complicated this whole thing way more than needed. I should have just said, if it works for you, terrific!
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