February Challenge!!!!

No Snacks, no sweets, no seconds. Except on Days that start with S. Too simple for you? Simple is why it works. Look here for questions, introductions, support, success stories.

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February Challenge!!!!

Post by Traci0829 » Mon Feb 01, 2021 5:49 pm

I'm bringing back the monthly challenge for February if anyone wants to join!

I'm starting a new habit or eliminating a bad habit each month in 2021. I gave up alcohol for January (and plan to continue on with this for at least 100 days, maybe for the year). I noticed that I started snacking A LOT again in January, so I going with no snacking for February. I'll try to limit my virtual plating and sweets, but I mostly want to eliminate the afternoon snacks and evening animal cracker habit I've developed since giving up my daily glass of rose! Honestly, if I update this every day, whether I am successful or not, I will count it as a win as well!
February 1: :mrgreen: B: smoothie, L: turkey wrap, apple, TJ's fig and nut bar, 1 square 95% chocolate, D: Kale gnocchi with pesto, carrots, hummus, crackers 2 small square 95% chocolate
February 2: :mrgreen: B: same; L: same, but no bar, 4 tiny squares dark chocolate; D: homemade chicken fingers, salad, chocolate hummus (just a taste), bowl of tortilla chips
February 3: S day/wonky workday Wednesday. I had a snafu and forgot part of my lunch. Generally, I don't have a place or time to eat my entire lunch on Wednesdays. I may just make Wednesdays a floating S day/mod day where as long as I only eat what I packed then it will be green.
February 4 :oops:
February 5 :oops:
February 6 :D s-day
February 7 :D s-day
February 8
February 9
February 10
February 11
February 12
February 13
February 14
February 15
February 16
February 17
February 18
February 19
February 20
February 21
February 22
February 23
February 24
February 25
February 26
February 27
February 28
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Re: February Challenge!!!!

Post by Robers5 » Tue Feb 02, 2021 7:37 pm

Traci this is great! Good for you, I'm totally in:)

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