S-Day day variation?

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S-Day day variation?

Post by thtrchic » Sun Jun 24, 2007 3:50 am

I've decided to try doing my S Days from Friday at 6pm to Sunday at 6pm instead of all day Saturday and Sunday. I'm wondering if anyone thinks this is a bad idea? Why?


KC 7707
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Post by KC 7707 » Sun Jun 24, 2007 4:30 am

I have actually thought about doing this also because it seems like when we eat out it is often on Friday evening. This might also prevent my Sunday night binge.

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Post by mondurvic » Sun Jun 24, 2007 6:10 am

I have thought about doing this, too, but have concluded that in my case, it will result in three S days, instead of two. I stay up late, and could do a lot of damage Friday nights, then still have all day Sunday - buffet day in many places. By 6 pm Sunday, I could be so bloated and nauseated I wouldn't mind stopping, but I would have abused the concept mightily.

I'll be interested in hearing how it works out for you if you do it, though. Not everyone is a crazed binger like me.


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Post by zoolina » Sun Jun 24, 2007 1:00 pm

I take my S days on fridays and saturdays, and make sunday's an N day. We tend to go out a lot on Friday nights, but the damage is mitigated because while I'm at work on Friday there's very little "damage" I can do.

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Post by wosnes » Sun Jun 24, 2007 4:11 pm

That's what usually I do, although the last couple of weeks have started on Saturday -- just the way things have worked out. It works for me.
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Post by ClickBeetle » Mon Jun 25, 2007 11:35 pm

I start my S-days on Friday after suppertime and end them on Sunday night. So it results in 2.3 "S" days, really, I guess.

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Post by Too solid flesh » Wed Jun 27, 2007 1:25 pm

ClickBeetle wrote:I start my S-days on Friday after suppertime and end them on Sunday night.
Me too, and it has been fine so far.

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