Hey this stuff works!!! Some encouragement (hopefully)

No Snacks, no sweets, no seconds. Except on Days that start with S. Too simple for you? Simple is why it works. Look here for questions, introductions, support, success stories.

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Hey this stuff works!!! Some encouragement (hopefully)

Post by davestarbuck » Tue Sep 04, 2007 4:15 am

Hey all,

New guy here!!!

I stumbled across the "Everyday Systems" site by complete accident a couple of days ago, and found the No S diet. I have to say Mr.Engels has a wonderful gift of expressing common sense in words!!!

I've actually gone from 272 lbs to 234 lbs starting April 16 of this year, following the No S diet without actually knowing it... I figured if I stopped eating like a pig, lift some heavy things, and walk around more I'd lose weight, and it worked!!! :D

To all the folks who are frustrated,struggling etc. I have to say... HANG IN THERE!!!!! You WILL lose the weight, IF you eat healthy food in small quantitys, and do a little exercise EVERY day... It will allways work..

Hope this helps someone....

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Post by reinhard » Tue Sep 04, 2007 12:47 pm

Congratulations, and thanks for posting. The no s diet is a lot like traditional common sense -- just formulated a little more explicitly.

And while lot can be done with bare common sense and willpower ("not eating like a pig" and moving around a bit), I think the explicit rules are very helpful when you get distracted by other stresses. Also, for many of us, self-deception is a real issue. We trick ourselves into thinking we're not eating like pigs (for example, by sneaking snacks in under the radar -- no one snack ever looks like that much). The no s rules make that kind of self-deception difficult, and the amount of willpower and attention it then takes to get the job done is drastically reduced.


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Post by katie1980 » Wed Sep 05, 2007 12:56 am

Hi there, davestarbuck!

Welcome to No S! I've been doing this for almost 30 days straight now, and am finally finding that the numbers on my scale are going downwards, instead of jumping about all over the place like they were up until about a week ago :)

It's great that you've found something that is working for you, but even better that you've found this site as there are lots of great people and ideas here that you might find really useful on your journey. I know I have!

Keep up the sterling work :D

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