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Post by ginny » Wed May 28, 2008 8:14 pm

I was lucky and got my WII FIT at our local bookstore on the first day it was available. It is wonderful to do and I absolutely hate exercise. This doesn't seem like exercise. I also have the WII Sports and play tennis, bowling and golf. If you get up and actually move when playing these games you can really work up a "sweat". I haven't tried the boxing yet but my daughter does the boxing and tells me she really gets a workout.

I have just started reading the No S book and am not sure after reading some of the posts if this will work for me. I am 61 and have about 70 pounds to lose. One post that I read indicates that this diet works best for males, young and not a lot of weight to lose.

I have tried everything else except Jenny Craig and NutriSystem and was hoping this would be for me. It sounds so simple, but I now have doubts due to my age and amount I must lose.

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Post by BrightAngel » Wed May 28, 2008 8:47 pm

I believe the post to which you are referring said that No S works FASTER in males,
NOT that it didn't work for females

I am 63, and there are quite a few women here around my age.

Finish reading the No S book before you decide.

In my opinion, anyone who is willing to follow the plan as outlined;
who is willing to eat a balanced plate of food 3 meals each weekday, and nothing else;
and is willing eat similiarly, with an added treat or two, on weekends and special days (S days)....
avoiding the use of S days as an excuse to binge,
should do well on No S.
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Post by noSer » Wed May 28, 2008 10:18 pm

Every diet in the world works best for young, male, and not a lot of weight to lose :) :evil: That's just life. If you're willing to settle for slow and steady, but permanent! this will work. Check out the 100 lbs to lose thread, and you'll realize that you're not the only one with a lot of weight to lose.

Have a great day!
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Post by kccc » Wed May 28, 2008 10:52 pm

I think I wrote the very post you're referring to, but my goal was to advise patience! Alas, every diet IN THE WORLD works best for young guys... such is life.

(If it is my post, I said it as faster for people who DO have a lot to lose - as you get closer to goal, it gets a bit harder. And exercise definitely helps!)

However, this is a long-term way of eating that you can live with. And it WILL work if you (generic "you," not you personally!) can stop focusing on short-term results and just trust it for a while. :)

BTW, I'm 51, female, and close to my ideal weight. And I LOVE No-S. Before, I had a constant struggle to keep my weight relatively constant. This is easy maintenance. If I lose a bit more, that's great. If I don't, still fine.

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Post by wirerat123 » Thu May 29, 2008 2:14 am

I've heard nothing but great things about Wii Fitness. I think it's great they put all that time and energy into something beneficial to people rather than the typical sit and move your fingers games. BIG props to Nintendo!
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Post by MollyMouse » Thu May 29, 2008 12:45 pm

Hi Ginny, Well look at it this way. If you have tried every thing else except the JC and Nutri system, then you have nothing to lose by trying this one for a year and see what happens. At least this will not delete the money from your pocket book. The other diets rave of great weight loss, it costs big bucks and in the end we have no money and weight about the same (sometimes even more)then when we started. I wish I had my money back on all the diets I have been on, and in fact have dieted my way up to 200lbs from 154. I started on Weight Watchers. I was determined and was only in my thirties. I went down to 125, and stayed there for a while, but over the next few years the weight started to creep back on, then I would lose 7 lbs and gain back ten, then lose ten and gain fifteen, and so on and so forth. As the weight came back I went from one to the other, Just handing over 500 dollars to this one and 800 dollare to that one. I truly must have rocks for brains. Just like the story of most of the people here. I have tried so many, I would get up in the morning and honestly not know what to eat, low carb, hight carb, low fat no fat, points, it was driving me crazy. So this is where I am going to stay, I may fall along the way, but all these people here know that, and they are here to give you encourgement even when we do no have any fight left in us, they will root toot for us to get back on it. I WILL NOT give another cent to a weight loss program again. One of the reasons why I like this program so much is the one that made this possible , is helping with out lining his pockets with money from the people like us who have this terrible relationship with food. He had a problem, he came up with a solution that worked for him,and was kind and wonderful enough to share it with us with no gain to himself. He is truly a person who knows our sufferings. I went out and bought the book, as that is the only way I could help support him. I hope the book does well, and I am sure if it doesn't he will still be there for us and help us along the way.

Gee I have turned this into a book. I am going to look at it this way... even if I lose nothin, if I can stay the same as I am now, I will have won the battle I will be at peace with my food, and will have met some wonderful kind and caring people on the way. Come on and join us.

We are all Root Tootin for you
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Post by wirerat123 » Thu May 29, 2008 5:35 pm

Hey Ginny, I know it's hard, especially at your age. My mother is now 61, about 90lbs over weight, and VERY VERY busy, it's a long story but I'm going to share it with you in the hopes that it will help you in some way.

About 20 years ago mom quit smoking, BAM, started putting on a lot of weight, very fast. She began eating and grazing excessively. Add to that the stress of her teenage son (me) being an idiot, low 20s daughter getting a divorce and starting to date an abusive psyco, and her husband having heart problems and having to get a triple bypass. To say the least the woman was stressed. Food was her outlet. Sodas were her worst enemy, but she just couldn't give them up.

Now, here we are 20 years later. During the last 20 years, she's gained the following things that she has to take care of, and it deffinately keeps her excessively busy throughout the day. A step nephew with cerebral palsy that can not function on his own, his father and brother thought he was too much of an inconveniance, so they dumped him on my mother. A 91 year old father living next door that is a pain in the rear to say the least, but he's a great man, just a bit of a pain in the butt, she's gotta keep up with him. And up until recently, a husband who has fought heart issues for many years, passed away for over 15 minutes before the paramedics could get him back alive. He had damage to his brain, not excessive, but enough to make mother have to spend a lot of time keeping up with him. For 7 years he has been like that. He passed away 2 weeks ago, so that's one less thing on her plate. I'm not being cold, I love the man. But the burden on Mom was huge, and when his mind was functioning correctly he was miserable knowing what a burden he had become on mom, so when he passed it was a sad day, but also a relief. He's no longer suffering, and Mom has one of her burdens relieved from her day to day life. Tack onto her human burden a HUGE yard with lots of landscaping that requires an insane amount of maintenance, and I live too far away to get down there and help her out as much as I'd like.

The woman is busy to say the least. So fast foods and quick meals became her norm. The weight gain was pretty big, and if she didn't have so much to keep up with could have been a lot worse.

She's down on herself, and very much in a similar boat with you. I love my mother, and want her to live a long healthier life. I encourage her every chance I get. I don't care that she's over weight, I love her no matter what. But I do care about her health. I don't talk fat with her, I talk "I love you, and want you to be healthier so you can be here for many more years to come.". I told her about what I have done to make myself healthier. She's seen the transformation I have made from chubby little feller, to pretty solid bodied. I still got some work to do though.

In the last 2 weeks she's cut back big time on her meal intake, and started walking with gramps when he walks the dogs. She's already peeled off 15 lbs. Started eating breakfast again, and well she gets plenty of workout tending to Pat throughout the day. Will she ever be the lean woman she was when I was young? Nah! And that's not really that important, she's an incredible woman reguardless of her waistline. But her health is improving. That's what is important. Now to get her to cut out the sodas hehe.

You don't have to be model thin. You have a long road to wander down. Your health is the important factor here. Keep plugging away on that Wii fit, and eat more sensible sized meals. You may not see the results as fast as us younger folks with higher metabolisms, BUT you WILL get healthier over time, and will see some results. And that will keep you here to enjoy your children and grand children a lot longer. That's the real blessing. :)

I've heard good things about Nutrisystem, if you want, give it a shot, add that to the Wii fit, and I promise you will get results. Don't doubt yourself because of your age and weight. You can do this, I have faith in that. And what I would love to hear from you is a gain in faith in yourself. Keep plugging away at it. The healthier you get, the faster the gains. It'll start off slow, don't get discouraged, stick to it, and next thing you know, by the end of summer, just just might have to go clothes shopping.

You can do it! Believe in yourself, and you certainly can do it.
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