Just doing NoS now

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Just doing NoS now

Post by tracyj64 » Sun Sep 18, 2005 6:36 pm

Hey Everyone,
I have been around, read what has been going on for the past couple of months.

Five years ago I was around 160-165lbs when I quit smoking the first time. I was prepared to gain 10-15lbs because I know that is normal when you stop smoking so that would have got me around 175-180lbs. The thing is I got to 240lbs, the last time I had the nerve to step on a scale was probably alot more. Two years later I started smoking again because I could not take off the weight. I was staying around 195-200 range when I decided to try again without a huge weight gain.

So 4 May I began my journey at 199lbs. When I signed up for this board 7 July I had lost 5lbs. Quite an accomplishment for someone making a total lifestyle change. I have been implementing the 3 meals a day with counting calories and only allowing myself 1 S day.

As of this past Friday, I can fit into a size 10 jeans(which was one of my goals) and I weigh 176 (which is in that if I would have only gained 10-15lbs 5 years ago). So now I just want to lose 5lbs a month until I reach my ultimate goal of maintaining 150-155 and get into a comfortable size 8.

So, here is a question. Should I keep doing what I have been or just No Sing? To be perfectly honest I am tired of writing down everything. This is a sample of my daily meals if only NoSing
Breakfast: 2 eggs or other protein, 1 slice toast with jam and fruit
Lunch: Small sandwich, salad or fruit
Dinner:Meat, salad,side veggie and 1 slice of bread.
I need to keep the fiber in my diet because of regualarity issues from not smoking. I wont bore or gross you out with more details.
I excercise approximately 1-1.5 a day 6 days a week. Sunday is my rest and S Day. I have given myself until March 06 to reach my ultimate goal. Which should be possible just NoSing and upping my excercise a minimum of 15 more minutes a day.

You guys are truly wonderful.

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Post by gratefuldeb67 » Sun Sep 18, 2005 6:48 pm

Wow Tracy!!!!! You have been through quite a lot!
I am really psyched that you have done soooo well..
And without even a peep on the boards till now!

Hope you get a handle on the smoking too... That just doesn't help the body... (Sorry for stating the obvious! LOL..)
I think you know the answer to your question...

Not sure if by saying "you are tired of writing stuff down" you mean that since you've been on NoS you still make a journal of food for the day, so can't be sure what to tell you, except that if you are sick of doing it, don't.
Patience and perseverence seem to be working so, there you are..
Keep it up!
Good to hear from you, and continued best wishes for the future!

Peace and Love,
8) Deb

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Post by tracyj64 » Sun Sep 18, 2005 7:25 pm

Thanks for the reply Deb.

Yes I know what I should do, but sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else.

I believe I do have a handle on not smoking, I refuse to start at day 1 again. The only reason I started in the first place was the huge weight gain, but now I am maintaining both the weight and smoking. I live in Europe so there are times when the urge is very strong along with the fact of living with a smoker(he doesnt smoke in the house).

Congrats by the way on getting into your 16s.

Thanks again

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Jammin' Jan
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Post by Jammin' Jan » Sun Sep 18, 2005 9:20 pm

Tracy, getting down to a size 10 is really a wonderful accomplishment, and I know you will reach your ultimate goal soon. Your meal plan looks very good nutritionally and also looks like it has a good caloric value. Your exercise program is an inspiration to me! Keep up the good work!

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Post by Tonsha » Mon Sep 19, 2005 7:31 am

WOW Tracey!

It sounds like you have developed you 'habit muscles' really well! Your daily diet & exercise habits sound like they have already worked fabulously! Just keep on doing it - it is obviously working for you.

"The best diet is the one you don’t know you’re on" - Brian Wansink

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Post by Kevin » Mon Sep 19, 2005 10:54 pm

You're doing great. I had to re-read your post - my first impression is that you were still smoking. Upon re-reading, it seems like you've made both adjustments at the same time... a huge accomplishment. Congratulations!

I've been No-Sing and SGing for about five months consistently now. I've lost about 20 pounds. I've never written down anything - I just eat three good meals a day (sometimes there aren't so good!) and that seems to be all I need to do. If you're tired of journaling, you could probably quit without any problems.

I wonder, though: is it good to set an ultimate goal, or worry too much about how fast you are losing weight? If it's two pounds a month or five, does it matter? You've clearly beaten back your bad habits and formed good, new ones, so why worry so much about end goals and target rates? I'd be happy now losing a pound a month. I'm sure even that will slow as I approach my optimal weight (whatever that is).

Best of luck. You sound like you have it licked.
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Post by reinhard » Tue Sep 20, 2005 1:39 pm

Tracy, congratulations.

The writing stuff down is working, so be cautious giving it up. Obviously you want to phase it out eventually, but you also don't want to risk a relapse.

One idea: only write down "funny stuff." In other words, if you are not completely happy with a meal, write it down, otherwise, don't (or just note, "today OK"). This uses your dislike of writing it down as incentive not to give yourself anything to write about. You get the gentle pressure of being accountable (especially if you post to a check-in here) without all that tedious keeping track.

Best of luck, keep us posted,

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Post by tracyj64 » Tue Sep 20, 2005 3:24 pm

Thanks Guys for the support and suggestions.

You know I was just thinking about what you have wrote and it came to me. The Other "Diets" and such base so much on what that number on the scale says. If I needed to lose weight before to fit into those size 10s I just had to eat watermelon all day and nothing else, and I would be able to fit into them around 160. However, with a correct lifestyle excercising and making healthy choices all around I am able to fit into them at 176 because my body is changing that fat into muscle that is leaner.

I have only been on this lifestyle change for 4 months, I have came along way but I still have steps to go. But I know I can come here and everyone will support me and make suggestions. Thank you again.

I did start a thread on the daily check in, it was more for my pedometer, but I listed what I ate too. I will probably just list my steps and list if I ate anything funny.

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Post by cvmom » Tue Sep 20, 2005 11:24 pm


The numbers really are arbitrary. I too need to get over the thinking that says when I reach the *magic number* (for me that's 123) that somehow I'll look the same as I did 5 years ago. Our bodies regenerate and change so much that any given number looks different at age 20, 30, 40 and beyond.

While my change on the scale may have not been dramatic since adopting this way of eating I know that my body looks and feels better. Also since adding the exercise I am firmer. That is just a subtle thing but since eating the No S way I have become much more attuned to my body. I can tell when I've had too much sugar or too much salt.

They ("they") always say that lean muscle mass weighs more then fat so it is important to go by how your clothes fit. I'm glad you are having success with the Program. Keep posting so that we can hear of your progress.


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Post by peetie » Wed Sep 21, 2005 2:50 am

Yes, Dru, let me tell you about ageing and changing bodies. Bah, humbug!!!
But the one upside is that you tend to look better as you age with a little more meat on your bones. In my younger years, I looked good with 5 or 10 pounds less on me, but today I look haggard and sickly if I drop to those numbers.

I now am much more concerned with how I feel. Sure it feels good when those jeans zip up without having to go through a load of contortions, but feeling healthy and energetic.....that's the best. And we get that by eating enough at the right times.


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