I'm new too

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I'm new too

Post by jennyp » Sun Sep 28, 2008 11:15 pm

Hi Everyone! My name is Jenny. I'm 29, married, and have a little 9yr old pomeranian who's our kid. I just found this site this weekend and ended up reading everything there is to read on the main page, checked out all the additional pages (shovelglove, urban ranger, habitcal) and perused all over the forums. I'll be starting tomorrow and am so excited about it. I don't have a ton to lose but do need to build a healthy relationship with food. I have issues. I tend to binge and overeat occasionally. I'm really looking forward to being "normal" soon. I also like the fact that not everyone will know what I'm doing. I can be normal and not seem like I'm on a diet. I can eat what's served to me if I'm at a function and not think twice. I don't have to make a big deal about what it is I'm eating or not eating when I'm with family. I'm really looking forward to all of this!

I guess my only concern is having only 3 meals a day. I figure I'll bulk my meals with more protein. And I know it won't kill me to feel a little hungry, but its just been a while since I've only had 3 meals a day. I totally fell into the 5 meals a day deal. And I guess I have another concern about getting in all your fruits and veggies with just 3 meals. BUT I know it will all work out, it'll just take some adjusting and maneuvering but I have faith!

I also learned that sledgehammers are kind of expensive. So I'll have to wait to go buy one. Anyone have ideas of something to use in the mean time? I have brooms and regular shovels but they're so light, would they work even? I'll be walking like crazy though, I love it but its not a habit...yet!

Anyway, I know its going to take a long time for me but I really don't care too much. I'm just really excited to form these great lifelong habits!!! I can't wait to start!!! I think I'll start a daily thread too, that will help!

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Post by blueskighs » Sun Sep 28, 2008 11:28 pm

build a healthy relationship with food.


No S has been a tremendous help for me in building a healthy relationship with food! Your enthusiasm is wonderful!

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Post by Silky » Sun Sep 28, 2008 11:42 pm

Welcome JennyP - coming from a chronic grazer....I'm thrilled with just 3 meals a day. Today for breakfast, I had a 'light' multi-grain english muffin with sugar free strawberry jam and some cut up canteloupe and a third of a plate of grapes (About 10 grapes). It was yummy and filling. Then an average plate of food for lunch, a small plate for dinner....and I'm full now, so don't anticipate even wanting to snack tonight.

Welcome and enjoy the new freedom of No S.

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Post by Phineas » Mon Sep 29, 2008 2:20 pm

Welcome JennyP,

I am quite new to the No S as well; today actually marks the first week. I think that it's especially fantastic that you appear to be addressing the issue well before it gets out of control. While I don't feel that I was overeating out of any emotional distress, I was definitely and almost unconsciously eating continuously most days. The first few days I felt quite hungry between meals, especially right before bed. I made it through 4 days last week (Tue - Fri) and already see that on my S days, while I have the freedom to eat as I feel, I'm not thinking about it as much. I think this is really going to work well for me, I and hope that you share the same experience :D

I started shovelglove today, for only 7 minutes and I already feel some small and likely long un-used muscle in my back tightening up a bit :lol: I originally went to a local Home Depot to get a sledge and found the same thing you did; prices that were a bit higher than expected. I ended getting one from the Amazon Shovelglove store (http://www.shovelglove.com/store/) and saved a bit of money in the process.
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Post by jennyp » Mon Sep 29, 2008 4:22 pm

Hi all - Thanks for the welcomes!!! :) So far so good! I'm definitely looking forward to the "freeing" feeling of not worring about what I'm going to eat next or what someone is going to serve me. I read on someones thread that they've had their "diet" skills ingrained in them for so many years that its hard to think another way. I have a feeling I might experience that as well. But I'm trying to shake those thoughts :)

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Post by reinhard » Fri Oct 03, 2008 6:09 pm

Welcome, Jenny!

I think you'll find three meals feels surprisingly normal after a few weeks. It's pretty much how all your ancestors ate, after all.

Regarding the sledge, by all means start with a broom. Carving out the time is the hardest, most important part. If after a week it seems like something you want to continue, you can get a hammer for as little as twenty something dollars (and free shipping) from amazon.com.


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