Reinhard - can you do an everyday systems for dating?

An everyday system, TM, is a simple, commonsense solution to an everyday problem, grounded by a pun or metaphor. Propose/discuss new systems here.
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Reinhard - can you do an everyday systems for dating?

Post by jld141 » Mon Dec 13, 2021 3:45 pm

Hi Reinhard,

I've greatly benefited from your every day systems website, podcast, and discussion. I've been using a modified No S diet for a few years which has helped me effortlessly maintain a 30 lb weight loss (I'm only 5'4'' so that's saying something!). I've started doing shovelglove (results TBD), and also have incorporated the LifeLog to help keep habits up for other aspects of my life. I also really resonate with things you've discovered like the "What The Hell effect" and ways to combat it.

My question is - what do you think about an everyday system to attack dating? For context, it's 2021 post-pandemic and I feel like a lot of people are using online dating and dating apps to meet more people. I've been thinking about implementing one myself...I'm 29 and single and work for a small company so won't be meeting people at work. Not really into the bar scene... So my system right now is to try to figure out a sustainable way to meet more people on a daily basis and then "gate" people I meet by certain criteria. One of those things is online, but also joining groups with common interests, going to social things friends ask me to, etc.

Not to over-engineer something that is supposed to be romantic (I'm a hopeless romantic at heart) but the whole "it'll happen when you least expect it" thing doesn't seem super likely...especially what do you think? Any ideas? I'd be curious about what you think... if this is a life area that is system-itizable or not!

Thanks for sharing all your insight!

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Re: Reinhard - can you do an everyday systems for dating?

Post by reinhard » Sat Jan 15, 2022 1:01 am

I wish I could -- but then again I don't. I only seem to have a knack for problems I personally have, and I'm afraid I've been happily married for over 20 years now so am totally unqualified to advise on this subject... it was a different world back then. And even then, I wasn't any good at dating. I just happened through enormous good luck (or destiny!) to meet the one person who was right for me.

Maybe in a few years when I start meddling in my teen daughters' love lives I'll have some more relevant data from (close to) personal experience? (I'm sure they'll love that!)

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