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Counting carbs/calories is a drag. Obsessive scale stepping is a recipe for despair. If you want to count something, "days on habit" is a much better metric. Checking off days on a calendar would do just fine, but if you do it here you get accountability and support. Here's how. Start a new topic in this forum called (say) "Your Name Daily Check In." Then every N day post a "reply" to that topic as to whether you stayed on habit. A simple "<font color="green">SUCCESS</font>" or "<font color="red">FAILURE</font>" (or your preferred euphemism if that's too harsh) is sufficient, but obviously you're welcome to write more if you want. On S-days just register that you're taking an S-day. You don't have to do this forever, just until you're confident you've built the habit. Feel free to check in weekly or monthly or sporadically instead of daily. Feel free also to track other habits besides No-s (I'm keeping this forum under No-s because that's what the vast majority are using it for). See also my <a href="/habitcal/">HabitCal</a> tool for another more formal (and perhaps complementary) way to track habits.

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Karen's Check In

Post by KareBear » Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:06 pm

I think maybe something clicked with me and No S. I have been trying to live this way for years. I say trying loosley, as I am not sure my brain and heart have been 100% on board. I sure hope they are this time. I am over the food struggle. I would like food to, really, just be food. To enjoy it yes, but not to make it the be all end all. It's just food. It really does not deserve all the time I spend thinking about it. And despite my current weight, I am a really good person! Just because I am not a size 0, is no reflection on wether or not I am worth getting to know. Okay, off my box for the day...

Last week went very well. I only restarted on Wednesday, but had no problems and enjoyed my meals. I also enjoyed my weekend as I went to visit a friend in WA. Had a very nice long walk AND then a doughnut.

Monday morning I was up early for my walk and now I am off to work. Going to enjoy my bagel with peanut butter and applesauce.

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