16 months & down 23 lbs.

(New!) Read (or post) about people who have stuck with No-S for 10 or more months, lost 10 or more pounds, or 10 or more percent for their starting weight. Periodic updates strongly encouraged -- you can think of it as "Yearly Check In."

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16 months & down 23 lbs.

Post by Diligence » Wed Apr 15, 2015 5:07 pm

I started No S 16 months ago (Dec. 2013). If I remember correctly from when I was active on the forum, I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere fast with No S but didn't want to change it as a lifestyle. I had some medical bumps in the road. I took care of one, but a couple overall issues I didn't follow-up on till more recently.

I found that, for me, No S means really No S + dietary changes. I was not able to lose weight without losing the standard American diet. Eating out meant the weight came back on, even No S eating--to which I've been faithful. Eating at home didn't help noticeably either. Also, having S's on the weekends didn't trip me up during the week habit-wise, but they made it difficult to take and keep off weight. Even adding daily vigorous exercise (about 60 min./day) made next to no difference in my effort to drop weight--I felt stronger, less tired, but not lighter.

A few months ago, I began implementing the Whole30 diet with the autoimmune protocol to try to address overall health issues I'd been putting off. I hoped that this dietary approach, plus No S, would clear up my health issues without medical intervention -- and get the weight off that I'd been unable to keep off with No S. I started Whole30 with the autoimmune protocol in Jan. 2015 at 148.2 -- so down almost 3 lbs. from my start weight with No S -- and am now at 128. My health is still a significant concern, and I've gotten off my duff and am trying to deal with the medical stuff from both traditional and alternative perspectives with various professionals. I am still following the same Whole30 + autoimmune protocol and plan to do it indefinitely. I need to get a handle on what is going on with my body and what foods are helping or harming it.

I share my experience for those who have been struggling. They're following the No S Diet but not seeing the kind of changes they want. They're still eating a standard American diet and think they're eating healthy foods, but something is just not clicking for their bodies. No, I've not conquered the health issues, but the weight is finally coming off--20 lbs. in 3 mos.

Even though it's taken more than just No S to drop the weight due to my health issues, I am a whole-hearted proponent of the No S diet.

My original thread for those who like to dig back in the past:
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Post by reinhard » Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:30 am


Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for sharing it here with us!

One of the big selling points of no-s is it's unobtrusiveness -- as evidenced by the fact that you can do it alongside whole30 and many other diet plans.

I am so happy that no-s+ is working for you.

Best of luck figuring out your remaining issues and looking forward to hearing more updates,


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Post by oolala53 » Wed May 06, 2015 3:18 am

Glad you've found a way of eating that feels like it can be permanent. I hope you find some solutions for your other issues soon.
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