Story snacks - nettle, an exceptional wild green

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Story snacks - nettle, an exceptional wild green

Post by jackn » Tue Apr 26, 2016 5:04 am

Today, I made nettle for the first time.

Nettle is often vaunted for its rich nutrients: ... nutrition/.

I'm sharing as it struck me by its taste, rather.
I found it strongly flavorful in a pleasant way.
In short, delish.

Several ways to make it: ... ittingstall, for example.
Personally, I go for KISS: water-sauted it, then garnished with raw butter off-flame. Made a great breakfast with some beef on the side.
I discarded the stems, but I do wonder whether they, too, could be cooked.
Tearing the leaves off was time-consuming.

It is, eh... nettlesome, so, gloves and all that till it's disarmed.

Your take?
At meals only eat.
Only eat at meals.

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