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Counting carbs/calories is a drag. Obsessive scale stepping is a recipe for despair. If you want to count something, "days on habit" is a much better metric. Checking off days on a calendar would do just fine, but if you do it here you get accountability and support. Here's how. Start a new topic in this forum called (say) "Your Name Daily Check In." Then every N day post a "reply" to that topic as to whether you stayed on habit. A simple "<font color="green">SUCCESS</font>" or "<font color="red">FAILURE</font>" (or your preferred euphemism if that's too harsh) is sufficient, but obviously you're welcome to write more if you want. On S-days just register that you're taking an S-day. You don't have to do this forever, just until you're confident you've built the habit. Feel free to check in weekly or monthly or sporadically instead of daily. Feel free also to track other habits besides No-s (I'm keeping this forum under No-s because that's what the vast majority are using it for). See also my <a href="/habitcal/">HabitCal</a> tool for another more formal (and perhaps complementary) way to track habits.

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Strawberry Roan
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Strawberry Roan Checking In

Post by Strawberry Roan » Mon Aug 27, 2018 1:07 pm

Hello all, thought I would stop by and say hi ! Although I don't do NO S in particular any longer having lovingly embraced intermittent fasting, I have continued to read and follow this forum. As I have said for years, the most supportive group of posters I have ever "met".

Still doing well, eating pretty clean and loving, loving, loving my exercise.
Still work for a law firm but get to work from home the majority of the time so that has been wonderful !

Trying a little experiment this week. I have always (since a teen, I suppose - and I weighed 98 lbs but my friends were all dieting) weighed myself daily. Morning and night, if a scale was available. I started noticing lately that not only was the scale always within a pound or so, sometimes I didn't even register the number enough to remember it a minute or so later.

So, I have taken a one week reprieve from the scale. Which is harder than it sounds, I mean the scale is sitting right there on the bathroom floor - anxious to flash some red digital reading at me! I even had to put a book on it to remind myself not to step on it.

I am doing the experiment to see if

a. I will take better care of myself as I don't want to see a dramatic increase in the scale's reading when I step on later this week.


b. I will abandon all control as I am not weighing daily as I always felt that kept me honest.

Just having fun, I suppose. Never hurts to change things up a bit. My weight is at about 152 which is maybe a few pounds above what I call my "perfect weight" of 147 but seems to be the weight my body wants to be set at right now. I feel fine in my clothes and have upped the resistance training so have probably added more muscle mass than this time last year which would, of course, weigh more than fluffy fat!

Added a Total Gym to the exercise room last fall and really love it.

Hope this finds everybody doing well. :)

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Post by automatedeating » Mon Aug 27, 2018 2:12 pm

Hi Berry! Wonderful to see you on the boards!!
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Post by Strawberry Roan » Mon Aug 27, 2018 3:08 pm

automatedeating wrote:Hi Berry! Wonderful to see you on the boards!!
Thanks, always good to see you as well. Hope everything in your life is great ! :)

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Post by Strawberry Roan » Thu Aug 30, 2018 1:09 pm

Well, my week long "no scale" experiment ended this morning. I took the week very seriously and ate as cleanly as possible sticking to my 8 hour window of eating on my IF plan - no additional sugars, not one single snack, no diet soda at all, plenty of water and green tea, lots and lots and lots of exercise - I could feel it working by about the third day. My stomach was flatter, I felt more energized, and a white t shirt that was too snug to wear last week without an over blouse fit fine on its own by the end of the week. The little love handles were not (as) visible this week.

So, stepping on the scale this morning I was certain that last week's reading of 152.2 would be 150 or so.

It was 153.2. One pound up. I smiled and said, well that confirms what we all know - the scale is one indicator of overall weight/body composition but not sole one.

Then I had one small chocolate donut with my morning coffee!

(and I really missed my scale so I am back to weighing twice a day.) :lol:

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Post by lpearlmom » Fri Aug 31, 2018 4:46 am

Oh I see we have another IFer! The scale lies especially with this type of eating. Especially if you’re exercising too. I like to daily weigh too but yeah gotta take it with a grain of salt. I take monthly measurements and that’s good info.

Good to see you back posting. ;)
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Post by Strawberry Roan » Fri Aug 31, 2018 6:21 pm

Hi, so good to see you always. You are doing so well, love your stats as we all know that losing is easy, maintaining is hard. Congrats to you.

And yes, I love IF - I actually have eaten that way most of my life - try to make my window from at least 6 p.m. to 10 a.m. the next day (noon lots of times).

It was funny - yesterday I ate more than normal as we went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant, and well - enough said. However, although it seemed like a lot more food than normal it was the only meal of the day so it evened out.

This morning I weighed 151. I agree that the scale isn't much help if one exercises a lot, I go more by my skinny jeans :D and whether or not I might have to lie down on the bed to get them zipped or not.

Picked me up some cute colorful hand weights yesterday - hot pink, turquoise, purple. Fun !

Hope you and yours are doing well.

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