Sonrisa's Daily Check-In

Counting carbs/calories is a drag. Obsessive scale stepping is a recipe for despair. If you want to count something, "days on habit" is a much better metric. Checking off days on a calendar would do just fine, but if you do it here you get accountability and support. Here's how. Start a new topic in this forum called (say) "Your Name Daily Check In." Then every N day post a "reply" to that topic as to whether you stayed on habit. A simple "<font color="green">SUCCESS</font>" or "<font color="red">FAILURE</font>" (or your preferred euphemism if that's too harsh) is sufficient, but obviously you're welcome to write more if you want. On S-days just register that you're taking an S-day. You don't have to do this forever, just until you're confident you've built the habit. Feel free to check in weekly or monthly or sporadically instead of daily. Feel free also to track other habits besides No-s (I'm keeping this forum under No-s because that's what the vast majority are using it for). See also my <a href="/habitcal/">HabitCal</a> tool for another more formal (and perhaps complementary) way to track habits.

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Sonrisa's Daily Check-In

Post by sonrisa » Fri Dec 02, 2005 6:37 am

I think i did pretty good today, except it gets really hard to avoid snacks at night. only 1 more day till Saturday. YAY! my sectionmate was tempting me with popcorn tonight. she put the kernels all over my room, so now the delicious smell is everywhere. ahhhh!!!!! it doesn't help either when us girls pms and become RAVENOUS. these next few days should be interesting!

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Post by carolejo » Fri Dec 02, 2005 7:20 am

your sectionmate is officially EVIL. :twisted:

Good on you for still resisting though.

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Give yourself a pat on the back

Post by niruma » Sun Dec 04, 2005 8:23 am


you really deserve soem kudos for resisting popcorn when its strewn all over the place.. i basically love that stuff.. but now have kind of started preferring the no butter alternative...

anyways you day today was a success... so go and give yourself a hug.
Have a great NoS Time

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