Arminius' routine

Which movements do you do? How many reps? In what order? When? Do you mix in other non-shovelglove moves? Post here or browse to get ideas.
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Arminius' routine

Post by Arminius » Mon Mar 24, 2014 7:09 pm

So it has been four weeks now since I started Shovelglove. This is the routine which I have settled into. I bought some 2kg clubbells some time before discovering Shovelglove, I use these to do a quick warm up and get some blood flowing. After the warm up the head phones go in and Rammstein comes on.

The Routine (each movement is done for 10 reps right handed then 10 reps left handed):

Drive Fence Posts
Stoke Oven
Churn Butter
Hoist Sack
Flip Lever

In fourteen minutes I can usually get through this routine roughly three and a half times (depending on how I'm feeling). I'll usually have a sweat on towards the end so I know it is doing some good. I'm starting to detect some muscles as well. As time goes on I will continue to experiment with other moves and add or replace them to maintain interest.

Thanks to everyone who has posted their routines hopefully one day I can invent some new moves.

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