Story snacks - warm-up and stretching in class

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Story snacks - warm-up and stretching in class

Post by jackn » Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:18 pm

April Fool'd Day, right?!

I'm a high school teacher.
I've been secretly thinking for years now that a warm-up and stretching would frame the classes nicely and profitably.
Or meditation.

This morning, a general mailing message made the same suggestion.
It being April Fool's Day, however, it was obviously tongue-in-cheek.

It garnered numerous echos.
Apparently, the thought appears ludicrous to all.

To me, it seems right.
Not to mention, daily exercise and appropriate facilities.

Just to think of all the damage wrought by day-long sitting.
At meals only eat.
Only eat at meals.

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