Hard to watch others diet, starve, fail

No Snacks, no sweets, no seconds. Except on Days that start with S. Too simple for you? Simple is why it works. Look here for questions, introductions, support, success stories.

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Healthy and Happy
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Hard to watch others diet, starve, fail

Post by Healthy and Happy » Sat Jul 14, 2018 10:02 pm

I've been eating very similarly to the No S guidelines for almost 2 years. Lost 20 lbs, enjoy meals, never stress about food. It's been interesting to find out about No S and really great to see others here enjoying their freedom!

It's so sad to read other lifestyle/dieting forums where people are posting extreme goals and extreme restrictions, admitting in the same posts (or the ones a few days later) that they know they will be ravenous and then "fail". And then start all over again.

I'd love to chime in and say Stop but I know that the message can't be heard till a person is ready to hear it - and the messenger can get killed! :)

Anyone having any success in spreading the No S or similar food gospel of moderation and enjoyment? Probably more through being a real life example rather than an internet poster, if at all.
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Post by eschano » Tue Jul 17, 2018 4:29 pm

Yes, when I originally lost significant weight on noS and held it for four years I had some concerts so hoping to be a real life example again. FYI, I took a break of two years for my two pregnancies.
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